Lawn Maintenance

 Once your landscape has been installed, we take the continuing care of your landscaped areas very seriously. Landscaping is all about the maturing of the plant life, and making sure they are cared for as they grow. Shrubs, trees, grass and other plant materials have different cycles. To achieve what was planned for any site requires care, seasonal pruning and trimming, fertilization, mulching, and aeration. We understand the needs of all your plants, from the grass areas, to the shrubs and bushes to the biggest oak. We are dedicated to keeping them beautiful, healthy and maturing gracefully. 


We provide ongoing property maintenance to care for your lawn, garden and hardscape areas. We will work with you to match your schedule, your requirements and budget to our services:

  • Mowing, trimming, edging
  • Sod replacement and overseeding
  • Debris removal and hardscape cleaning
  • Shrub pruning
  • Tree trimming and selective crowning
  • Lawn and landscape fertilization
  • Lawn dethatching and aeration
  • Irrigation system maintenance
  • Mulching and Pine Straw
  • Annual flower bed planting and maintenance
  • Seasonal cleanups

There are many types of sod grasses that will grow well in our climate, but choosing the correct type depends on proportion of shade and sunlight, the soil conditions, the topography of the area, and the availability of moisture. We also like to know what use the grassy areas will receive. Areas that have heavy use, such as play areas, may need special care. Some types of grass will stay mostly green over the winter and others will turn brown in late fall and stay brown for the winter. Talk with us about your requirements for the sod grass areas around your home.


Lawn mowing and debris removal: We will mow on your schedule, and will leave your landscape clean of leaves and debris. We will periodically edge your walks and drive to maintain a clean appearance. We also do edging around planted areas to discourage weeds and keep grass in check. Talk with us about setting a schedule for your yard.

Fertilizing: Grass needs nourishment and constant care, especially during the growing season. We will inspect your lawn each week and fertilize, overseed, and/or replace damaged grass as needed.

Aeration, overseeding and sod replacement: To stay healthy, grass roots have to have air. Grass can become compacted and roots that can’t breathe die. We will aerate your lawn on a regular schedule to keep the grass healthy. Some grass types require annual overseeding, and in some cases complete replacement. We will inspect your lawn and talk with you about how to keep it looking green, fresh and lush.

Seasonal pruning and trimming: Flowering bushes, hedges, and trees all have growing cycles, and even when mature, will grow better and produce more blooms if they are trimmed periodically. Tree and shrub pruning removes suckers that can take growing energy away from plants, maintains the shape of the plant, and gives us the chance to inspect the plants for pests or disease and treat them accordingly.


Tree trimming: Trees are the most useful of plant materials for shade, for beauty, and as a backdrop for your garden. Trees can also be a bridge for insects to reach your walls and roofs. We will trim your trees to remove dead limbs, remove branches that are too close to your home, and also do selective crowning of trees that interfere with any overhead utilities. We are careful to do only the trimming that is needed to keep the trees healthy and to adapt to surrounding structures.

We want you to enjoy your home and yard. So call us to do as little or as much as you’d like to keep your entire landscape healthy and beautiful, without cutting into your precious leisure time.


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